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Acupuncturist Hilde Hiemstra

Hilde Hiemstra works in our practice on Fridays.

“I have enjoyed working in various positions, including nursing, in the hospital and I still do so. However, a number of years ago I felt the need to think about health in a different way: health based on a more holistic view of humanity. .
After a search I came across acupuncture. The refined Taoist philosophy coupled with the empiricism of acupuncture complements our Western, more mechanistic thinking beautifully.

I have specialized in the treatment of complaints caused by cancer or the treatment of cancer (through chemotherapy or surgery, for example), such as neuropathy, joint complaints, hot flashes, pain complaints, nausea and oral disorders.

In addition to acupuncture, I am also a herbalist. I am cautious when prescribing herbs during cancer treatment and always in consultation with the treating physician.”

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