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Lymphedema from air travel?

Fear of lymphedema from air travel is unfounded

Many women who have had breast cancer have a fear of lymphedema from air travel.
That is why they started flying less or not at all.
The fear of lymphedema from air travel turns out to be unfounded.
Thus patients with lymphedema can travel by plane.

Occurrence of lymphedema does not increase due to air travel

The incidence of lymphedema in women after breast cancer does not increase due to air travel.
These are the conclusions of researchers from the University of Hong Kong after a systematic analysis of scientific literature.

Air travel does not lead to lymphedema

No effects of flies on both the development and worsening of lymphedema can be demonstrated.
The frequency or duration of air travel also plays no role.

lymphedema from air travel

lymphedema from air travel

Preventive compression stocking (TEK) does not make sense

Because flying does not pose an extra risk of developing lymphedema, it does not seem advisable to wear compression stockings.

Good information for lymphedema patients

As mentioned, patients with lymphedema can safely travel by plane.
What can you do best if you have lymphedema?
Is there an existing need for you to use a compression tool?
Then it is wise to use it also while flying.

Source: Dutch Paramedical Institute (NPI)

Thick hands and feet due to pressure difference

During air travel you can suffer from both thicker hands and feet.
This is a normal reaction due to the pressure difference in an aircraft cabin.
We therefore advise you to exercise a little during the flight and occasionally do your exercises.

Development of new aircraft

Due to the use of new materials these devices have a stronger construction.
It follows that a higher pressure in the cabin can be made possible.
This will reduce complaints of fat hands and feet.

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