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Oncological care in the center of Amsterdam

Grit Felicetti and Mathilde Hiep have been working with the Cancer Care Center (CCC) for years.
Friday, October 2, 2020, Annemarie Beintema (director CCC) and Grit Felicetti (owner Praktijk Brouwersgracht Felicetti) officially established this collaboration.

Oncological care in the center of Amsterdam is now even better

Praktijk Brouwersgracht and Cancer Care Center join forces and expertise so that we can offer everyone affected by cancer the best care in the center of Amsterdam
In Praktijk Brouwersgracht you can go for individual treatments for edema physiotherapy, oncology physiotherapy, acupuncture and cranioscral therapy.
At Cancer Care Center, Amsterdam Centrum Marnixbuurt, you can go for all group lessons.

Grit Felicetti: “I am delighted about this new partnership and the enthusiastic and professional team of Cancer Care Center.
We can now help both the oncology patients as well as their family and friends even better and more extensively. ”


Grit Felicetti, Mathilde Hiep, Yvône Tromp and Marjan Sonneveld.