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Our methods

Our specialised treatments for you

Our methods and treatments are personalised and only made after careful professional consultation with you. Our mission is to ensure that from your very first appointment, you are given practical advice by our therapists and can expect care to suit your individual needs.

The first appointment

During your first appointment with one of our therapists, we will conduct an indepth interview with you, questioning exactly what the source of your complaint is? How long you have you had it? and, How it affects your everyday life?
If the therapist concludes that your ailment can be treated, a careful (physical) examination will follow.

The next step is that the therapist will discuss the diagnosis and propose a treatment plan which will be tailor–made to suit your needs.
Generally, you will be informed at the end of this first appointment as to whether our therapist can treat your symptoms; what the effects of treatment can be, and, the actual recovery process.

Before a proper diagnosis can be established, you could be requested to fill out a questionnaire – either at home, or on the spot with the therapist.

Followup treatment

The number of follow–up treatments that you will need depends entirely on your personalised treatment plan which will be discussed during the intake meeting.
After each treatment, the therapist will ask you about your body’s response and eventual progress in healing.
If these are not yet sufficient, we will work with you to set new targets or adjust current treatment techniques.

Quality Assurance

If treatment is deemed necessary, we will set up an immediate treatment plan, or refer you to another practitioner or healthcare provider. To maintain the high standard of our treatments, the therapists regularly attend courses and trainings, and all our therapists are listed in numerous quality registers.

Do not hesitate to contact us and/or to make an appointment.