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Quality Assurance

A brief History

With over 40 years’ experience, Praktijk Brouwersgracht has been the recognised household name in the ‘Jordaan’ for specialised physiotherapy care treatment. In recent years, we have been joined by other highly skilled professional paramedical therapists and since 2016, have changed our name from ‘Fysiotherapie Brouwersgracht’ to ‘Praktijk Brouwersgracht’, as this more accurately reflects our expanded services.

Praktijk Brouwersgracht offers a wide range of specialised treatments for a diverse number of complaints. Experienced therapists provide highly personalised treatment in a quiet and pleasant surrounding.

We encourage establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our qualified therapists at Praktijk Brouwersgracht are recognised by all health insurance companies. You can even make an appointment without a referral.

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We combine insights from academic research with our extensive experience.

Thanks to the really close cooperation between our therapists, you can always count on undergoing proper treatment performed by the therapist that best suits your needs.

Before our therapist even starts the treatment, the complaint is closely examined to determine the appropriate treatment, expected results of the treatment and the possible next steps. You will be informed at the end of this first appointment as to whether our therapist can treat your symptoms.

If it appears that the proposed treatment is insufficient to suit your specific needs and goals, we will happily assist you in finding the right therapist, the appropriate treatment, and, even help to arrange a transfer. Through our good cooperation with physicians and other therapists in the Amsterdam area, this can be done at short notice.


We offer to help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and we have a wide range of treatments at our disposal, which can be combined treatments from multiple therapists.

It is our prerogative, in consultation with you, to determine which factors may play an important part in your complaint, and how to stabilise or eradicate your symptoms. Additionally, in your treatment, we endeavour to activate your natural resilience, and giving advice is an integral part of our treatments.

Core values

We have three basic core values at Praktijk Brouwersgracht: Respect, Empathy and Sincerity. Our therapists are convinced that working with the “Head Heart Hands” approach ultimately gives the very best results.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee the professional quality of our therapists and their excellent treatments. You can find us in the BIG Register, which governs the Law on Professions in Individual Healthcare. We are also a member of various professional organisations and we frequently participate in internal and external consultations.

We abide by the Law and Regulations, professional ethics and standards, and the method of therapeutic treatment as described in the recognised professional profiles and quality register.

To test the quality of our treatments, we would like to ask your cooperation in a Customer Satisfaction Survey. This research is conducted by MediQuest. Only with your permission, will they send you an invitation by email.

Your opinion about our treatments and our practice Praktijk Brouwersgracht is invaluable to us. You can leave a review on and ZorgkaartNederland or send an email to Praktijk Brouwersgracht.

We are registered in the following quality records:

Physiotherapy & Manual Therapy

Cesar Therapy & Dietetics