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Praktijk Brouwersgracht

Reviews about Praktijk Brouwersgracht
  • Anonymous

    "I want to get better - They want me to get better - And together... its Team Me.

Grit Felicetti

  • Anonymous

    "The practice was recommended by MammaCare, and I'm happy with it, so extremely helpful with targeted treatments and good advice, during a dark period. I'm so pleased with the professionalism. Praktijk Brouwersgracht Thanks!

  • Parel

    "I can wholeheartedly recommend Grit Felicetti as an edema physiotherapist. Not only is she a skilled practitioner, but they also remain well informed of the latest developments through training in various fields. She is a pleasant and involved therapist. "

  • Edith Banen

    "Recommendable practice, especially for women who have had breast cancer.
    OLVG Amsterdam has introduced the practice to my attention.
    Am here for treatment of my lymphedema at Grit Felicetti. Nice that someone brings new insights into practice, such as the fascia techniques of Willie Foerie.
    I benefit from that. Just like Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage method, which she puts into practice.
    Will certainly pass it on to my friends and acquaintances. "

  • Truus

    "A few years ago I went to Grit Felicetti for treatment after a mastectomy for the first time, Grit radiates calm and confidence and is sympathetic in a pleasant way, so you feel supported in such a period.
    Also in the "normal" physical therapy for knee and so is the clear explanation, a consultation and how to continue the treatment well. She gives the confidence that the weather can be well. "

Mathilde Hiep

  • Antje Blom (Haptotherapist)

    "I know Mathilde as a colleague and as a physiotherapist, and I really appreciate her in both roles: Mathilde listens carefully to your story and is therefore a bit more than just a physiotherapist, she takes you into her thoughts about a possible treatment. Is standing with both feet on the ground and has a nice sense of humor "

  • Mariza Vader

    "I was helped for two knees and two hips by Mathilde Hiep, who is very enthusiastic about her professional approach! She is broadly oriented in her profession by adding new expertise to her curriculum every time. insightful skeleton explanations and drawings, were always adequate. Pain relief, exercises and massage where necessary, it is all great professional. The practice is also well equipped and the reception by Mathilde or other staff is welcoming and friendly. First-class practice, especially if you elsewhere in the city are not well helped: go there! "

  • Anonymous

    "Pleasant practice, well organized, never wait, always accessible. Physiotherapy in peace with a lot of dedication. Very nice. Best practice I know. "

Wendy Brinkman

  • Esther

    "Wendy has helped me very well and still helps me to deal with chronic pain and depression. Her exercises as well as her listening ear are very important, and I can wholeheartedly recommend her."

  • Anonymous

    "Wendy is an enthusiastic and experienced therapist. She helped me with advice and tailor-made exercises, and that soon resulted in a reduction of my complaints!"

  • Anonymous

    "I was very happy with the tips and advice that I received from Wendy during my pregnancy. The treatment has helped me a lot."

Elaine Steenstra

  • Peter

    "My experience at Steenstra & de Vries Dietetics is simply amazing. Partly because of the positive approach, feeling really supported, has helped me, among other things, to stop smoking. The smooth and friendly way of answering mail, for example, is a very pleasant way of communicating for me personally. I am under supervision in connection with underweight, meanwhile I have managed to gain weight and I am very happy with that."

Alisa de Vries

  • Michel

    "Somewhat skeptical I came to Steenstra & de Vries for profit to book with weight loss. I have always been under the assumption
    that I myself know what it is that I do not waste. Healthier food and more sports and that kind of in-store. In a relaxed conversation it is made clear where profit and improvements can still be achieved. However, issues were presented to me where I himself had never stood by, but which I finally managed to book huge profits. All my skepticism has disappeared and I am pleased to have followed the advice of Steenstra & de Vries. "

Richard van Leeuwen

Mark Boetes

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