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Shoulder complaints can be very painful

Treatment of pain in your shoulder

Pain in the shoulder and shoulder complaints are common and can persist for a long time.
These complaints can be very painful and restrictive for you.

From our shoulder specialist Martin Dijkstra:
“The shoulder is a beautiful but also a complicated joint.
It is an inseparable part of the shoulder girdle, which consists of 4 joints and 15 muscles that together provide both stabilization and movement as well as mobility.

The movement coherence between the joints of the shoulder girdle and the need to (re) find the individual balance between stability, coordination and strength remain fascinating.
There is always reason to look for new insights and research”.

Clinical reasoning with shoulder complaints

After completing the course “Clinical reasoning with shoulder complaints” in 2016, I participated in the course ‘State of the Art Shoulder‘ in December 2017. ”

Do you suffer from shoulder pain?
Then make an appointment with one of our shoulder specialist and manual therapist
Martin Dijkstra.

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Martin Dijkstra manual therapist and specialist in shoulder complaints

Martin Dijkstra