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During pregnancy

Your pregnancy is a special event in your life. There are lots of changes going on in your body and you generally want to carry on as usual, for as long as possible. Yet this is not always viable, for example, you can get complaints (lower) spine, groin, rump, pelvis, buttocks or thighs. Our experienced therapist is happy to guide you through all the physical changes. Through a personal pregnancy plan, we strive to ensure that you will experience a pleasant, active and relaxed pregnancy.

The therapy during pregnancy focuses on

  • Awareness and knowledge about the changes in your body;
  • How to manage activity and rest periods;
  • Improving the quality of movement during daily positions (among others, symmetry in movement);
  • Improving the stability around the pelvis;
  • Relaxation.


Occasionally, symptoms can arise of continue after childbirth. It takes months for your body to adapt to the change as this is not restored immediately after childbirth, while you naturally have to deal with less sleep, (breast)feeding and intense involvement with your newborn. From experience, we know that during this period, it may be nice to get help to gradually build up your muscle strength, flexibility and return to your daily activities.

The after-pregnancy therapy focuses on

  • Strengthening of the abdomen, pelvic diaphragm, hips, back and leg muscles to improve the stability of the pelvis and the spine;
  • Improving movement and posture (i.e. symmetry in moving);
  • Advice on how to divide your time between rest and activity;
  • Relaxation;
  • Help to regain your strength to get your daily routine back on track.

Manual Therapy can complement this treatment, both during and after your pregnancy.

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