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Craniosacral Therapy at Praktijk Brouwersgracht in the Jordaan

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) focuses on a healthy, relaxing connective tissue system. Connective tissue is – as the name implies – the binding factor in our bodies.

The Craniosacral Therapist promotes self-healing

Connective tissue protects, supports, maintains and keeps all parts of our body in place. When the tissue no longer flows sufficiently whilst walking, doing sports or just regular day–to–day activities, health problems can arise. For example, chronic pain, fatigue, hyperventilation, migraines, gastrointestinal complaints, whiplash, tinnitus or burnout, are all common complaints. CST is effective for a wide range of medical problems. Find here more information.

Treatment method

During the treatment, the therapist follows the connective tissue from the feet up to the skull, using a soft, subtle technique which ensures that the blockage starts flowing again. This improves the physical and emotional functioning. It is necessary though, to have a few treatments to revive the self-healing ability.

Our cranioscral therapist