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Dry Needling in our practice in the Jordaan

Did you know that stiffness in your muscles may radiate to other parts of your body? Thus, this can for example, cause dizziness, and migraines. Through Dry Needling, the therapist will endeavour to help you regain flexibility in your muscles.

Rapid pain relief and improved movement

When you suffer from symptoms such as stiffness in a muscle, radiating pain, migraines or other headaches and dizziness, you can choose Dry Needling. This is a treatment technique in which a muscle node is punctured with an acupuncture needle.

Treatment method

The therapist looks for trigger points, which are knots in the muscles. When pressure is used on a trigger point, a radiating pain can be felt in other parts of the body. The treatment is aimed to deactivate the trigger points. When a trigger point is punctured, you often feel a little shock through the muscle and there’s a brief contraction. Then, the muscle relaxes and you can move more easily.

Our dry needling therapist