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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Vodder

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Vodder (MLD Vodder) is a gentle form of massage that focuses on the stimulation of the lymphatic system. For example, the removal of the fluid is supported via the lymphatic vessels, so that the edema can be discharged more easily. MLD Vodder has a positive effect on your immune system and reducing stress. Our edema physiotherapists Grit Felicetti and Mathilde Hiep have both successfully completed the MLD Vodder certified training.

Other treatable symptoms by means of manual lymphatic drainage Vodder are:

  • Complaints to the nervous system: facial paralysis, migraine;
  • Stress–related symptoms: insomnia, loss of concentration, anxiety, headaches, nervousness;
  • Spastic colon, constipation;
  • Malfunctioning immune system.

The treatment

It is the restful feeling during the treatment, the gentle measured movements and the therapist’s full concentration which makes you experience deep relaxation. This makes it possible for you to focus your attention inwards to your body. The combination of relaxation and the attention given to your body, have a positive effect on the functioning of the entire lymphatic system.