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Manual Therapy at Praktijk Brouwersgracht in the Jordaan

Our manual therapists specialises in resolving a wide variety of complaints. For example, if you have a hernia, suffer from lumbago, or shoulder complaints, with manual therapy you can get the support from a specialist that not only looks at your symptoms, but also carefully listens to your needs.

Counselling and remedial treatment by the manual therapist

If you have joint or movement pains, manual therapy could help alleviate the pain. The main objective of manual therapy is to improve the joint movement at the centre of the entire body. The effects are often immediately noticeable after treatment. You will find that you move easier and that you have less pain.

Treatment method

For example, do you experience dizziness when suddenly standing up, have a hernia or knee problems? The treatment program of our manual therapist includes specific joint techniques. We look at length to find which exercises fit your complaint. We also give instructions, advice and guidance into achieving better movement for a better quality of life.

If necessary, you can get additional advice from our exercise therapist Wendy Brinkman.