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Oncology Therapy relieves your symptoms and remedies

Oncology Therapy can help you in all phases of the cancer treatments. Living with or surviving cancer has a lot of influence on both mind and body. Loss of physical condition, joint pain and stress are common complaints. An oncology physiotherapist can alleviate your symptoms and remedies for all types of cancer, such as gynaecological cancer or breast cancer. Praktijk Brouwersgracht provides not only counselling, but also treatment and advice.

Exercise therapy and massages in Oncology Therapy

Oncology Therapy is a specialisation within our practice and is primarily focused on the problems arising from cancer (e.g., decreased muscle strength or loss of condition), or medical cancer treatments (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy). This form of therapy aims to prevent the effects of cancer and cancer treatments, or reduce and/or alleviate them.

Treatment method

Oncology Therapy may consist of exercise, breathing exercises, treatments for relaxation or to reduce pain. You can benefit from different massage techniques and Fascia Therapy, as a side effect of breast cancer tends to be different from gynaecological cancers. Together, you and your therapist can develop a treatment plan that’s right for you, and set out goals. During each treatment, we evaluate your progress and adjust the treatment where necessary.

Our oncology physiotherapist