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Moving Forward: Living with Cancer and Life after Cancer Treatment

Exercise Therapist Wendy Brinkman and Oncology Physiotherapist Grit Felicetti, can put together a personalised program to increase your physical activity.

The goals of this program are to

  • Get you motivated to achieve the best possible level of physical activity and maintain it;
  • Improve your body awareness: i.e. exercise and relaxation, and breathing;
  • Improving movement in spite of (permanent) limitations.

About the program “Living with Cancer and Life after Cancer Treatment”

During this very sensitive program, we will give you more insight into your current aerobic capacity, your daily physical burdens and how to have a better quality of life with your new limitations. To help you as much as possible, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. Moreover, you will need to take a fitness test.

Following the test and completed questionnaire, we will put together a personalised exercise program with expert information, advice, individual counselling and support to help you achieve your own goals.

The program will usually take at least three months. If you are insured for physiotherapy and exercise therapy, it is covered by your health insurance.

Content of the program

Get an overview of the program here “Moving Forward: Living with Cancer and Life after Cancer Treatment”.

Note, this is just one example and tends to vary per person.