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Symptoms and treatment

If you have the following complaints, Oncology Physical Therapy could alleviate your pain. During your very first appointment, you discuss your complaint(s) with our therapist and a personal treatment plan is drawn up.


  • Decreased muscle strength;
  • Decreased stamina;
  • Aches;
  • Fatigue;
  • Stiff muscles or joints;
  • Tight and painful scars;
  • Difficulty when moving;
  • Lymphedema;
  • Fear;
  • Nervousness;
  • Tense and irritable;
  • Difficulty with concentration;
  • Stress symptoms;
  • Difficulty relaxing.

Treatment method

You can either choose from advice, information, treatment or counselling. The choice or combination is entirely up to you.

If you wish to improve your strength and/or loss of condition, see our program “Moving Forward: Living with Cancer and Life after Cancer Treatment”. You could also use the option of going about treatment independently, with a cycling, walking or swimming schedule. Relaxation and breathing exercises may bring relief in pain or changes in the way you breathe. For this program, please contact Wendy Brinkman and Grit Felicetti.

We can also apply additional treatments, such as Fascia Therapy, Deep Oscillation Therapy or massages. Together with you, we create a treatment that suits your complaints and needs, one that can live up to your expectations.