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Treatments at home in the Jordaan and the city centre Amsterdam

The treatments at home are aimed at rehabilitation. For example, it is a convenient solution if you’ve had a hip or knee surgery, but also for community dwelling elderly persons or the chronically ill and terminal patients.

Physical Therapy or other treatments at home

We provide home treatment as a solution. The goal of this kind of treatment is for you to recover as long as possible in the comfort of your own environment. We also advise your carer on how to cope with your limitations.

Eligibility for physical therapy or other home treatments:

  • You have just been released from hospital and need therapy;
  • A disease or condition limits your mobility;
  • You have difficulty in walking and cannot do so unaided;
  • Difficulties in getting in/out of your chair or bed;
  • No longer dare to or can use the stairs;
  • You suffer from basophobia (FOF) i.e. Fear of Falling.

For treatment in the comfort of your own home, you will need to obtain a referral letter from your GP or specialist.

Home treatment may include:

Our dieticians also do home consultations. The advantage is that you have all your own eating products at hand and we can take them directly into account with your diet. Also, weighing you and getting your measurements can be made in the privacy of your own space.

We have a close working relationship with care homes and neighbourhood carers’ associations, occupational therapists and physicians.