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Physiotherapy and Massages in the centre of Amsterdam

The physiotherapists at Praktijk Brouwersgracht treat various complaints, for example, we are specialised in Medical Taping, Epley Manoeuvre and Fascia Therapy. Our specialists not only look at your complaints, but also listen to your needs and inform you on exactly what we will be doing during your treatment.

Let our physiotherapists help you

The human body is an amazingly clever and well-organised set of muscles, bones and joints that you should be able to count on every day, whether it’s walking, standing, bending, or sitting; you name it … and it’s a natural movement. Only when that movement no longer comes naturally do you realise that something’s wrong.

Here, you can find out what the most common complaints are and how we can help you.

Our treatment methods

During your very first appointment, the physiotherapist will carefully listen to your complaint, and then propose a customised treatment program. This program may include a recommendation to focus on your posture, exercises aimed at improving your movement and reducing the pain, treatment techniques and/or specialist massages. That’s your introduction to Praktijk Brouwersgracht for the necessary treatment which could involve Medical Taping, Epley Manoeuvre or Fascia Therapy. However, if you have mobility issues, it is also possible to have the physiotherapist pay you a visit at home.