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Improve your posture with Cesar Therapy in the Jordaan

Did you know that many physical complaints can be traced back to bad posture? Cesar makes you become aware of how your body responds to pain, stress and over-burden, so you can remedy these problems such as a hernia and insomnia with Cesar Therapy. The therapist examines together with you, where the complaint originated from, then discusses how you can recognise and acknowledge this complaint in a timely manner, and what you can do to cure or reduce the complaint.

The therapist at Praktijk Brouwersgracht guides and advises you during the entire process

Cesar Therapy is a therapy that focuses on the relationship between pain, posture and the way one moves. Our remedial therapist has specialised in treating physical symptoms such as chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, back or legs, a hernia, sleep problems and pelvic symptoms during or after pregnancy.

Treatment method

The exercise therapist will work with you to analyse your posture and the way you move in relation to your complaint. You will be guided and trained with exercises tailored to your personal situation. These exercises are directly applicable in your daily activities. This ensures a correct posture and better general movement which will get your entire body in a better condition. You will come to grips with the cause of your complaint and how it can be avoided in future.

If necessary, manual therapy can complement this treatment.

Our exercise therapist